The Full Moon Reflections and Spells

Since ancient times, we have looked to the moon and wondered at its reflected light. The full moon holds such wonder and every month we feel its influence and powers. The moon’s magnetism has the power to change the tides and so too can its energies be harnessed to improve our spiritual health and help us to reflect on the month that has been.

Whether you are celebrating Esbat with others or you choose to moon bathe alone, the full moon is a perfect time to connect with the natural world around you. You can simply step outside after moonrise and give thanks to the Goddess for the month that has past. If you can’t find your own words, you are welcome to use these words:

“For everything you have provided, I thank you Goddess.

Please let me embrace your energies and accept your strength for the month ahead.

And so may it be.”

The energies and blessings will stay with you and make it easier for you to do the things you need to do to make life better.

Any spell may be cast on a full moon but those linked to love, wisdom, protection and abundance are particularly auspicious. The full moon will amplify the communication with the spiritual world increasing your focus.

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