Wand Grim Reaper

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Add to your collection with this resin wand.  This wand may please the darker witches and wizards with its cloaked, menacing looking grim reaper figure.  The piercing red eyes and sharp claws holding on to twist branch give it a malevolent feel.  Although this oft feared being is often seen as a harbinger of doom who chooses the time and manner of your death, the Grim Reaper can instead be seen as a benevolent figure who comes to ease the soul away from its mortal ties and lead you to a heightened spiritual plane.  A figure not to be feared; not there to cause death but merely to make passing easier.

The wand is perfectly sized for casting and its shape gives it a lovely balance and feel when you are using it. Perfect for any witch or wizard.

Please note: This wand is not a toy and needs to be handled with care.

Size: H27.5cm X W6.5cm X D6.5cm

Material: Resin