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The Book of Spells Vintage Edition – Ancient and modern formulations to bring the power of the good to your life, your love, your work and your play. Author: Nicola de Pulford

If you believe in magic, The Book of Spells is written for you. Written in a recipe style, it contains over 40 magic spells that promise to help you to prosper in all areas of life: work, play and even love. The spells take inspiration from many different cultures both ancient and modern: from Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Mayan, North American Indian, and Druidic magical traditions. A range of charms, potion recipes, dances, and incantations to help you look and feel your best. Whether to catch/keep a lover, to help when you want to start a family, to help achieve success at work, to help protect against bad luck and general help with living your life well. The book contains explanations of potent herbs and how to use them include rosemary, St. John’s Wort, garlic, mistletoe, ginger root, sage, and bay leaves. In addition there are six sealed pages containing special spells to use in exceptional circumstances,  these are reputed to have extraordinary magic powers and should only be used in emergency. Features more than 300 full-colour illustrations.

Nicola de Pulford grew up on a farm in rural England, where she learned herbal lore when she was very young. She regularly tours the U.K., performing medieval folk songs. She lives in Devon, England.

Rear cover blurb:

Get exactly what you want in life with the help of a little benevolent magic from this fascinating collection of spells inspired by ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Native American and Druidic wisdom.

A collection of spells for heal, wealth and happiness – including three powerful ‘Emergency Use Only’ spells printed on sealed pages for reversing negative auras.

Entertaining and effective, these spells are for the serious amateur who desires to channel the potent magic of nature.





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