Spell Candles Mixed Spell Colours

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Casting spells using candles?  This pack has a range of spell types to suit your desired result.  Starting by writing down the intent on paper the same colour as the candle.  Focus on the intent, visualise the results desired result.  Burn the paper in a fire safe bowl.  The spell is complete when the candle is fully burned, approximately 1 hour per candle.

Theses candles are solid colour all the way through rather than dipped.  There may be some variation in colour between production batches although these are kept to a minimum.

Price is for one box containing 12 candles comprising: 2 x Black for Protection, 2 x White for Happiness, 1 x Purple for Prosperity, 1 x Dark Blue for Wisdom, 1 x Light Blue for Peace, 1 x Orange for Confidence, 1 x Green for Luck, 1 x Red for Love, 1 x Yellow for Success and 1 x Pink for Friendship.

We also sell boxes of 12 of each individual colour – see separate listings.

Size: H:10.3cm W:7.3cm D:2.5cm

Material: paraffin wax.