Chakra tumble stone jewellery kit

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Receive spiritual guidance wherever you are with this Chakra necklace kit. Everything you need to make your very own Chakra pendant. Make the necklace all your own with a tumble stone for every day of the week. Seven different stones, each fitting perfectly inside the metal cage. The silver plated chain completes the set.  Sones included:

Quartz Crystal for overall balance; Amethyst for understanding and knowledge; Sodalite for communication and personal expression; Green Quartz for relationships and personal development; Citrine for self confidence and empowerment; Agate for creativity and libido; Hematite for stability and energy.

Wear it round your neck and always have on hand this easy and convenient tool for balancing the chakras. Chakra balancing restores the harmonious flow of energy throughout the chakra system. Improve your feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness and increase your vitality with this Chakra necklace.

Size: H3.5cm x W11cm x D11cm (box)

Materials: Gems, Stones and Metal

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